K-Search Installation Manual

The installation should be really simple if you follow the guidelines. However if for some reason you want the script to be installed by us, we can do it for a small fee of $25.
  1. Unpack the ZIP archive and upload all the files to your web server.
  2. If you're using *nix server - CHMOD the installation root directory to 777. For example, if you're putting the files in public_html directory then set write permissions to this directory.
  3. Create MySQL database (you can of course install in existing database).
  4. Run /install.php through your web browser... A quick wizard will help you to complete the installation with ease.

Setting Up Search Engines

You can choose which search engines to use through Edit Options section in administration area. Google.com is disabled by default, because metasearching is against their Terms Of Service. You must receive a permission from Google before enabling this option. All the other available search engines are enabled automatically on instalation.

Setting Up Payment Processors

After installation login into admin area and go to options page. There you can enter your PayPal and/or 2CheckOut ID's and choose which payment processors you'd like to use. Setting up PayPal do not require anything more than entering your PayPal ID (email) into options and enabling this option, but to enable 2CheckOut, there's a few more things to do.

Setting Up 2CheckOut
And that's all :) Remember to visit turn-k.net once in a while to check for updates and new products.
(C) Rinalds Uzkalns, 2004