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Object-case of xe. ... Still, most parents have some intuitive understanding that "our child is not like us, maybe someone like xem could help...." View article on Wikipedia »
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A gender-neutral pronoun is a pronoun that is not associated with any gender. It designates two distinct grammatical phenomena, the first being pronouns/periphrastics that have been assigned nontrad... View article on Wikipedia »
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Tuviglobal la 1 dich vu mang tinh giai tri don thuan, cho phep lay la so tu vi dua tren gio va ngay thang nam sinh cua ban de tien doan van menh cua minh trong tuong lai. Web site giup ban giai dap nhung cau hoi trong vong 24 gio dong ho. ... Ban khong xem duoc Tieng Viet, vui long download font.
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